About Revolution

DGTL Revolution aims to continuously keep sustainability topof-mind. To meet this goal, we are making fundamental changes to our festival set-up and in our day-to-day activities. Throughout the year, we search for the newest technological innovations to help us reduce waste, lower CO2 emissions, increase awareness and stimulate sustainable participation amongst our visitors. We share progress openly and honestly, and learn along the way. 



Revolutions create major changes in culture, economy, and socio-political institutions. These revolutions are visible all around us, and are often major themes in society. DGTL communicates these themes in various ways in order to create awareness amongst our visitors and further accelerate sustainable change and behavior. Themes like Going Veggie have substantially increased awareness about the hidden environmental cost of consuming meat and the overall impact meat consumption has on a global scale. 



At DGTL Revolution we explore new ways of thinking, new forms of design, new cultural adaptations and present these concepts in engaging, thought provoking ways. We aim to facilitate change through interaction. Not by dreaming of possible solutions, but by actually presenting them.