Hailing from Amsterdam (the Netherlands), DGTL festival is rapidly becoming a global festival brand recognised not only for its line up, but also its “Revolution Program”. As a frontrunner in implementing sustainability in the festival industry, DGTL’s “Revolution Program” aims to minimise the festival’s carbon footprint and become the world’s first zero-waste festival. 

With this goal in mind, the organisation has announced that DGTL Tel Aviv will become a “meat-fee” festival. By “going veggie”, the festival greatly reduces its indirect CO2 emissions and promotes a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle to its visitors. 

According to the OECD report on global meat consumption, Israel ranks 4th place on meat consumption per person with an average of 86.1 kilogram consumed per year. Furthermore, research led by Oxford Martin School finds widespread adoption of vegetarian diet would cut food-related emissions by 63%.

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