28 Sep 2018

Last Important Info For The Festival

Here's your checklist for DGTL Tel Aviv 2018 and some important information 



- Please arrive early in order to avoid queues and in order to get a maximum experience of the festival

- Come with a scan of your ticket on your mobile phone or a printout 

- Festival hours 14:00-23:00

- Right after the festival ends and after party will take place at Haoman 17 with 5 artists from the festival. Shuttles to Haoman 17 will be available.

- Food and drinks will be available for purchase on the festival 

- In case of a lost item please attend to the informaion station 

- Public transportation will be operating at the end of the event

- Destination via Waze app: TLV Balloon

- Payment on site is available in both cash and credit cards

- Setting up fire is absolutely forbidden 

- Please adhere to the instructions of festival crew and security forces

- Cameras are allowed

- No entry of food or alcohol from outside into the festival area

- No entry of Plastic, Glass bottles or cans into the festival area

- Parking is avilable on the Ganei Yehoshua parking lot 

- No pets

- No entry of guns or weapons of any kind

- No entry without a valid ticket

- Connecting any electrical appliances or devices is forbidden

- Passing on tickets from one person to the other is not available at this point 

- After entry into the festival area there's no return after the first exit

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