11 Oct 2019


Only 3 days left to our third edition in Tel-Aviv. We're thrilled and very much looking forward to an amazing day in the park and here's everything you need to know. 


- Arrive with your festival ticket confirmation on your mobile phone (we prefer no printouts) and after a security checkup and verification of an identification card your ticket will be scanned and you’ll be able to enter. 

- Entry is from the age of 21+ with presenting an ID card or driver's license 

- Transferring tickets is not allowed, we urge you not to buy tickets from private people and getting them only on official DGTL channels.

- No entry without a ticket

- Entering the festival after exit is not allowed





New tickets with a new barcode will be sent to you before the festival. Make sure that you have the new ticket to present at the entrance. If you didn't recieve your new ticket before the festival, please contact us here.





- Please arrive early in order to experience the festival in its fullest, a swift entry and a great warm sun.

- Operating hours: Gates: 15:00 / Close: 00:00 

- Right after the event an official after party will be held at Haoman 17 Club with DJs from the festival. Shuttles will be available from the parking lot outside the park. 

- In case of a lost item, please approach the information stations. 

- Payments will be available in cash or credit cards

- cameras are allowed, not professional ones (drones not allowed too)

- Bringing in food is not allowed

- Arrival by Waze with marked location: Ganey Yehosua Parking Lot

- Entering with plastic, glass, metal cans, alcohol or substances is not allowed 

- Celebrate safe, know your limits and take care of each other


Food, Drinks, Transportation

- Food court by Chef Guy Gamzu will serve festival comers. Food and Drinks will be available for purchase. 

- Public transport will be available at the end of the festival. It’s recommend to use any means of such transport and a guarded parking area for bicycles and scooters will be serving you. 

- Water fountains will be available at the festival ground. Entry of water or alcohol bottles is not allowed 




- All drinks will be served with deposit. Please return your empty cups and bottles back to the bar, or to the refund station to get your deposit back

- Please help the festival stay clean, use the appropriate bins

- Please don’t bring any party ‘enhancers’ like balloons, blow-up animals or other single use material. We care for the environment.

- Save a tree, don’t print your ticket 



- Setting up fire of any sort is absolutely not allowed

- Please adhere to any directions from police or security forces

- No pets, electric appliances or guns are allowed 


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